Strategic Cost Management Specialists

Sustainable Productivity Improvement Programs to Increase Operating Margins in the U.S. Healthcare System

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Manage resources to improve financial performance and enhance patient safety without compromising quality.

For over thirty years, the partners of eHS have provided guidance to improve efficiency/effectiveness and reduce costs by empowering the management teams.

Mike Talerico

"The US healthcare system is in the midst of significant change. Long term success is dependent upon an empowered management team with the vision and drive to sustain financial growth and high quality patient care"

Mike Talerico II, President, EHS

Envigorate Healthcare Solutions works with our clients achieving in four objectives:

  • Provide managers with proven techniques, enabling them to better utilize the time and skills of the people who work with them.
  • Develop department goals for improved staff utilization.
  • Ensure employee participation in meeting these goals.
  • Significantly reduce operating expenses through the development and implementation of a comprehensive Strategic Cost Management Program.

Our healthcare clients achieve National Quality recognition and are positioned for sustainable growth in the ever challenging, and changing healthcare industry.

Sustainable Productivity Improvement Programs to Increase
Operating Margins in the U.S. Healthcare System

An effective approach to achieve reduced costs and
improved service, while increasing morale and retention

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The current healthcare environment requires a delicate balancing act of controlling costs and improving services, without decreasing quality of care or staff morale. eHS has enabled more than 300 hospitals to successfully find that balance and achieve their goals using eHS Strategic Cost Management Programs. Every Hospital is unique, in fact, each department is unique. This approach to improved effectiveness and utilization is why we succeed and guarantee a return on investment greater than ten to one.

Four Steps to Success:

Statistical Profile
Organizational Assessment

eHS's co-venture process consists of the following:

  • Install department Quality Audit to ensure service and quality;
  • Determine Patient Acuity Profile and Major Volume Indicators;
  • Determine required indirect, direct, and constant activities by skill and shift;
  • Identify process change, inefficiencies, misuse of job skills and inappropriate staffing;
  • Develop department specific Staffing Goals to improve utilization of key resources; and
  • Formulate Management Action Plan (MAP) for strategy to improve effectiveness and address process improvement opportunities.

Our Team

Mike Talerico

Michael Talerico II - MBA, BA

Mr. Talerico has 15 years of healthcare consulting experience installing Strategic Cost Management Programs. As Managing Partner he is responsible for over-site of all projects. His areas of expertise include executive leadership to achieve and sustain improvement opportunities and the development of software to empower hospital leadership to increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Ann Haldeman - ME, BS, RN


Senior Nurse Consultant and Project Manager

Janice Kishner - MBA, MSN, RN, FACHE


Consulting Director and Project Manager

Sharon McCoy - PHD, MS, BS


Senior Nurse Consultant and Project Manager

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Case Studies

At eHS, we have found that sustainable change and process improvements occur at the front line management level when provided the tools, education and timely data to make effective decisions. The process for success is the following; evaluate hospital and department specific data, determine optimal resource allocation to achieve quality and cost goals, develop a strategic management action plan for change and process improvement, and provide routine concise feedback on goal attainment.

EHS - Industry White Paper EHS - Executive Summary and Overview The Benchmark Approach

Our Clients


"Rather than having change dictated to me, I was involved with the entire process. Being included gave me a different perspective of the engagement, and I knew my set targets were achievable. With our productivity tool, I am now empowered to effectively manage my department. It's great."

Department Director
Southern Regional Medical Center
"I've been in health care for 20 years, and every productivity analysis group we worked with felt like hand-to-hand combat until I worked with EHS. They built a positive rapport with our managers, focused on factors we could control, and helped begin our cultural transformation to become a more effective, efficient organization."

Lee Boles
Chief Financial Officer
Southern Regional Medical Center
"EHS built a positive rapport with our managers and executives, focused on factors we could control, and helped begin our cultural transformation to become a more effective, efficient organization. We are now better prepared for the pending changes in healthcare reform."

David Whitaker, FACHE
President & CEO
Norman Regional Health System

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